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Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Nguyen who had a passion for handmade products. Born in Hanoi, she often visited small handicraft manufacturers and villages in her hometown of the capital city of Vietnam and was in awe of the beautiful and unique products they created. She believes that handcrafted products made in Vietnam and the art of traditional hand craftsmanship should be appreciated by people from all over the world.

However, she noticed that

Many of these manufacturers struggled to reach a wider audience and sell their products outside of their local market.

Nguyen also observed that many customers, both in Vietnam and abroad, had difficulty finding and communicating with these manufacturers. Some customers were hesitant to work with these companies due to language barriers, while others were concerned about the quality and authenticity of the products they were purchasing.

Determined to help bridge this gap, Nguyen decided to open a sourcing company specializing in connecting customers with Vietnamese handicraft manufacturers. The company, named "I am Vietnamese", aimed to provide a reliable and trustworthy channel for customers to discover and purchase handmade products from Vietnam.

Nguyen's team worked closely with each manufacturer to ensure that their products met the highest standards of quality and authenticity. They also provided translation and communication services to make it easier for customers to place orders and receive updates on their shipments.

As word of mouth spread, "I am Vietnamese" quickly became a popular choice among customers looking for unique and high-quality handicraft products. The company's success not only helped bring more recognition and business to the small manufacturers they worked with, but also helped preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Vietnamese handicrafts.

Nguyen was proud to have created a company that made a positive impact on both customers and manufacturers, and was grateful for the opportunity to share her love for Vietnamese handicrafts with the world.

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